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Community Councillor David Faller chaired from 7.00 pm for a variety of issues raised under 'Have Your Say'. The following items were raised;


Kirn Drive Development Plan: questions raised included asking when plan would be published, and if there was going to be further consultation.  Cllr LQuinn highlighted several plan areas including ongoing investigations to identify mine workings on the site, garages owned by residents and the possibilities of the road being widened, dependent on outcome of investigations and if building works were given go ahead. Plans will be published.

Traffic issues – Thanks to GCC offered for involvement with George Road which seems to be alleviated from some problems.  STEVENS PLACE- red lines are still being parked on, although the pitch is being slowly accepted for use and cars are being parked there. KIRN DRIVE - there is improvement on building work. KIRN DRIVE - roads and pavements need cleaned, plus there is a blocked drain to clear.  Cllr LQ said that this would be taken to the Council and raised for attention. McMILLAN Drive has similar ongoing problems to Kirn Drive re accessibility and congestion at certain busy times.

CLYDE ACTIVITY BIKES business owner provided information regarding the cessation of his service due to alternative government funding. Further discussion on the Bothy based at Gourock Station, with questions re opening hours – details available online.

Resident attended to raise issue of cladding of houses near Gourock Health Centre not being properly maintained and causing eyesore and problems in keeping out wind and rain.  GCC agreed to write to Riverclyde Homes to request this work be taken forward urgently, seeking detail of where the cladding came on planned maintenance works to be carried out. Cllrs Quinn and Ahlfeld are campaigning to sort additional issues regarding existing housing on Shore Street, field Road, Tower Drive and Eastern View


The sederunt was 22 on opening with everyone from the Forum attending and Police Scotland Neighbourhood Policing team and Community Wardens.


Chair welcomed everyone and introduced Caroline Campion welcoming Caroline from Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership who had been corresponding in order to support GCC in their support for the community. Apologies were received from Community Councillor Barry MacPhail, GCC Treasurer Alan Holliday, Cllr Chris McEleny, Cllr Ronnie Ahlfeld was at the YAC to arrive later.  MINUTES were adopted by GCC, taking into account several typos, to be corrected for publishing. In response to request from floor, draft minutes will be put online before next meeting for information, to be formally agreed at the meeting.

WARDENS Report: Usual vulnerable building checks carried out. People are advised to call the Fire Service if they detect any fires.  

POLICE Report: PC MacDonald reported 27 crimes with 12 detected.  Advising that this is coming into the busy summer period for crime, citing damage to property, especially cars.  Gourock Highland Games experienced usual congestion and traffic issues but no other issues.   Comments on disturbance at Vic Bar on Easter Weekend – police aware and have raised concerns re bottles sitting on pub windowsills.  Mention of current issue where scam telephone calls seem local but are international.  Criminals can use systems that can connect into a local number and transfer it back here from anywhere in the world.  People urged to sign up to telephone preference centres if they are concerned, and be wary of unexpected calls.  

TREASURER Report: Information from Treasurer came from Vice Chair due to absence. GCC is nearer to securing outstanding funding from Council now that outstanding enquiries have been completed.  Chair welcomed this good news, hoping that Council funding should now be available. GCC has recently purchased additional promotional material to help with finding new and additional GCC members, as the current 4-year term comes to a close in summer i.e. feather banners and new leaflets.

 Vice Chair has personally delivered leaflets to homes in Gourock and to shops and places for display so that people can take them.  GCC will be promoting the elections at Gourock Garden Party where people will be asked to get involved.  

GOUROCK HERITAGE & ARTS Update: Cllr Quinn updated that first talks have begun, delivered by GCC Associate Anne Williams on history of Gourock burgh. A virtual walk around Gourock will take place on 29th of May at 6.00 pm and 'Going to the Pictures' on the 8th June at 12.00 noon both by Vincent Gillen.  GH&A are experimenting with different days and times with groups and talks and there is lots happening.  A promotional leaflet has been produced, with GH&A attending Gourock Garden Party on 16 June.

SECRETARY/CHAIRS REPORTS: Summary of letters received. GCC office-bearers will attend “Kirking of the Council” service at Mid-Kirk on 9 June. Consultation was posted on Social Media on Marine Plans, Active Travel details from the MP, 75th year VE Day notice, Investing in Communities fund for mitigating poverty until May 15th with people encouraged to request more details from GCC, GCC support Lady Alice Bowling Club as they have no CC and we support their lease renewal, April Newsletter was received from the MSP.

Gourock Garden Party: A poster has been produced detailing the theme of 50 years since the Moonwalk and Garden of the Galaxy. Instead of a fancy dress parade there will be a competition to design, make and bring along a spaceship.  Stalls should note the theme.  


LAND AT SHORE STREET GAP: a request to attend to foliage by Hamish McLeod was taken - GCC to contact the Council.    

TYRES: a large collection of tyres were causing concern for local residents in proximity. This is to be passed on to Cardwell Bay and Greenock West CC.

PAINTED HOUSE: a complaint was made by residents about a 4-in-a-block property that had one section of the building painted white with red details, without consultation with neighbours.  Cllr Quinn and Ahlfeld are aware of this complaint and are taking this situation forward to Riverclyde Homes (previous meeting to discuss cladding refers).

BUTE STREET SHOP PLANNING PERMISSION: Raised by Cllr Ahlfeld. Decision was refused then passed on appeal with a ratio of 3:2 stated by Cllr RH to have been overturned through support for the community including a local petition and letter of support from GCC. Cllr Ahlfeld stated that there were now questions being raised on the validity of the petition.  Chair and GCC expressed surprised at this as GCC has received no written communication on this matter. GCC letter of support was sent in good faith, with information used for GCC letter gathered through consulting people around the shop. GCC will review their actions if required.

Chair brought the meeting to a close at around 8.50 pm thanking everyone for attending and giving the date of the next meeting as Monday 17th June 2019. The GCC Annual General Meeting will take place after this meeting.  

Email: info@gourockcc.org Mail: info@gourockcc.org Meetings held in Gamble Halls Gourock Please Contact us by email:  info@gourockcc.org